Poem of the week-Shell Shock 4/6/11

She has to put a stop to it before it starts

Can’t let anybody get too close and break her heart

She lives in the reality that all things come to an end

 There seems to be more chances to lose than to win

Don’t ever let him see you sweat

Who cares about the what ifs, at least there’s no regret

She pretends to allow things to just go with the flow

When in reality it pains her not to really know

It feels better when she knows they haven’t gotten the best of her

Yet there’s a special quality that makes her shine brighter than the rest of em’

But instead, she plays the game well, poker face intact

If it doesn’t work out, no pain, no foul and no looking back

If only she would allow herself to truly see

All that she deserves will come if she is patient and believes

Happiness is coming when she has no fear

Open up her heart and soon he’ll be right there

All of that love she has within her to share, yet she has it on lock

I want her to come out and show the world who she really is and get over this shell shock


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