Poem of the Week “Will Power” 1/18/11

There’s nothing better than being stress free

Not being concerned with what other people think

No more worries over the uncontrollables

Living your life to the fullest and being truly happy

Walking around with a genuine smile

Everyone whispering and wondering what’s really going on

What they think doesn’t even move you

For this feeling will last for quite a while
As long as you continue to believe in yourself

Accept the good and learn from the bad

Giving God the Glory for each and every lesson

Knowing that loving you is more important than anybody else

But, all of this seems like a world away

You can’t see past your reality

You can’t get past your negativity

Wishing you could stop dreading tomorrow, and start enjoying today

None of this seems to be true

Your Faith needs a mustard seed boost

Nothing is impossible for God

I’m claiming it right now for me and for you!


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