Poem of the week “Rainy day Reflections Part I and II” 2/20/11

Part I

I keep getting tongue-tied when I try to explain how I feel,
It’s like a word with infinite meaning that describes something so surreal,
I’ve been waiting all my life to know the truth,
Patiently yearning, yet still obedient like in the Book of Ruth
Wonder if I’m a late bloomer
Only because I wanted things to happen much sooner
Often feeling like I haven’t had my breakout performance to take me to the top
Pushing myself to go further only to doubt and then decide to stop
Being happy for others, yet sad for myself
A hypocritical introvert, that hides the truth from everyone else
But whenever I start to have those negative feelings and thoughts
I kneel down and begin to thank God for all that I’ve got
For I know good things do come to those who wait
So no bad feelings, it’s time to get giddy like a teenage girl on her very first date
The possibility of what could be
The Faith that there’s no one more deserving than me
The excitement of knowing it shall all come to pass
Happiness has found me at last

Part II

What if we only had one day
to right all the wrongs we’ve done along the way
What would you do to make it better
And to be able to move on and look back never
What if you only had a week
To find all the happiness that you seek
Would you be able to find all the things that you wanted in time
Or would you waste away worrying and claiming what’s mine is mine
As much as we try to deny and ignore, there are signs all around us
Signs that the time we think we have isn’t promised or just
Cherish each day like it’s your last
Give to others for you will be Blessed
Don’t take anything for granted like maybe you have before
Turn away from negativity and seek the love of God forever more


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