Poem of the week: Finding the Joy within me 1/25/11

Sitting here under this tree,

Staring up into the sky,

Lord I often wonder,

Why me, why alone, why?

Do I not possess

qualities that stand up against the rest?

Do I lack something that holds me back from being with someone else?

I stare at my complexion,

I see a beautiful creature,

But why do I feel lonely and deserted,

An island in the middle, no one able to reach it.

Then I begin to look harder, deeper and less superficial,

The reflection begins to shake, my heart begins to quiver.

I am more than the naked eye can see,

I am worth more than I allow myself to be,

I can do more than many, cause I’m unique,

I can touch others in a way they have never been reached

I can live life happy for I know I will never be lonely,

Because I’ve found the joy within me!


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