Poem of the week “A Sista’s Soul” 2/8/11

She’s come from places of obscurity,
to always find a way to shine her light.
She’s overcome degradation and subjectivity,
her genuine prowess can’t be denied.

She’s the ride or die that we long to be,
Her fearless triumph makes her a Queen worthy to uphold.
She’s the reason I keep moving forward and thinking positively,
her beauty is timeless and her story never gets old.

Her song has healed nations in distress,
there is no mistaking her Faith in God in times of good and bad.
She’s dedicated herself to her people’s greatness,
to aspire to be like her is the best dream I’ve ever had.

Her love has nurtured babies of another mother,
she has led revolts to set the captives free.
Her forgiving heart has taught us to love one another,
I am so thankful her blood runs through me.


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