Poem of the week “Thoughts” 1/14/11

Wanting to feel better than the day before…than the day before…than the day before

Not really knowing which direction will take me further where I want to go

I’m looking for an answer, yet not able to make a decision on the question

Trying to understand other’s views of me compared to my view of myself

All these thoughts floating in my head like cheerios in a bowl

Can’t make them go away no matter how hard I try or how hard I cry

Wondering where my happy ending begins and how it really will end

Just want to see a sign that what’s mine is truly mine

Just want to feel an emotion that involves me having some type of notion

I don’t have all that I want, I don’t want all that I have

Why is life so confusing this way

Why is my life so confusing this way

Giving love and feeling that it’s being reciprocated is like watching lottery balls being churned around and around

This is not the way I thought it would be, sitting here alone but fighting back the feeling of being lonely

This is not the way I read it would be, I’m Cinderella and he’s supposed to find me, and give me back my slipper

Instead I’m walking around with one shoe on and a sock on the other…not fulfilled yet not giving up on happily everafter

Doing what I love, being with someone I love and who loves me back infinitely, having a future that involves kids, a dog, a cat and a turtle named, Sam

All these thoughts swimming around in my head, at the surface, staying afloat

It’s making me crazy to think when, where, how, and why

All I can do is keep on living and keep my head to the sky


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