Poem of the week “Lifelong Essentials” 3/10/11

The words you speak
The thoughts you think
The emotions you exude
The up and downside to your mood
The actions you act upon
The dreams you step out on
All the things that make you undeniably you

Why would you let someone get in the way
Rearrange the things you say
Tell you how to live the dreams you pursue
Sit back and watch your heart break in two
Stop you before you begin
Turn your full winning into a bi-win
All the things you’ve allowed someone else to do

It’s time to step out on Faith
Don’t wait for tomorrow, for what you can do today
Stand up for what you believe
Patiently await the Blessings you will receive
Lift up those who need your prayer
Don’t be afraid to show someone you care
All these tasks are to help grow a better, stronger, yet humble, you

Hold on to what’s near and dear
Cherish those you love, while they’re still here
Ask God to grant you serenity to know the difference
Know that He is the reason for your existence
Create the life you want with positivity
Delete those things and people that hinder you with negativity
All that life has to offer, all that you deserve, have Faith, Believe…it shall come to pass in due time!!


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