My first Movie Review 1-12-16

I don’t discriminate….I love all movies (even the girly movies that I don’t like to admit that I watch 🙂  However, this is not one of those such movies.

*Spoiler alert*/get it together and see it  and purchase it when it comes out asap!


One movie that I loved in 2015 was Creed.  I have single-handedly (with probably all the other women in the world) started a campaign for Michael B. Jordan to be nominated for an Oscar or else.  Else meaning I won’t watch that category be introduced or announced at the Academy Awards.  Okay I digress.  Listen, his extraordinary performance not only made this move a success, but it also spoke volumes in the message it aimed to get across.  I just love the way it spoke to how you can’t run from your destiny.  This young man came from a broken home and was headed down a road that we have seen too many young men and women go.  Fighting to survive and feeling like there is no other way but what they believe it to be.  Phylicia Rashad was amazing as usual; how she made a choice to take Adonis in, her husband’s side piece baby (what? I’m not lying), and raise him on her own (it takes a strong woman to do that).  She wanted him to have a better life, for she knew that if Apollo were alive, he’d want the same.  Promise I won’t go scene for scene, but one of my favorite character’s was Bianca, played by the very talented, Tessa Thompson.  Yeah you might say, what does she have to do with Adonis becoming ‘Creed?’  I say, everything!   Her character gives him hope, inspires him with her own sad story, and she’s there to push him; alike someone else we know so very well (insert me screaming, Adrienne Lol).  Then there’s the man, the myth, the legend; Rocky Balboa.  Movie over now.  We already know that no matter what role he played in Adonis’s life, it would be the pivotal moment of the film.  I love their dynamic, and how he goes from Rocky to Uncle Rocky to a father figure.  Through Adonis, Rocky is able to stop giving up on life and go back to living it; and through Rocky, Adonis now knows that his father lives within him, always!  Ryan Coogler is a wonderful talent as well.  And sidenote: Sylvester Stallone did forget to acknowledge him, but I’ve heard him give Michael and Ryan such high praises in other interviews.  The man is 157 years old people, please give him a break.

Oh and do yourself a favor and watch all the Rocky’s so you can stop asking who Apollo Creed is.  LOL *serious face*



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