IMO-in my often funny, sometimes crazy, yet always real opinion :)

I used to be Ms. Anti-weave.  It’s not because I thought I was too good, because it’s not like I’ve been on the long hair don’t care bus (more like medium to cut it short when I get bored bus Lol), but mostly because I thought it made me not who I am.  I thought that if I wore weave, it would make me different, not real.  I didn’t judge anybody else who wore it (okay, I did crack jokes on the bad weave I saw), because to each her own.  I had a glue in extension years ago to fill in a bun style and once to add a little fullness in the back (yeah I know glue= bad idea LOL), but I wore those for like a weekend.  Then I had a sew in back in 08′ (which I didn’t really like due to quality), but I only wore it for like a week.  I decided to do something different on my 30th birthday revisited this past year, so I just did it.  I got a full sew in!  The color was great and the quality was excellent.  There was only one thing…the length…I did a double pause.  I wanted to go longer, but wasn’t sure about 14″…I mean that’s a lot of hair, right?  I know my weave-ologists will probably say that ain’t nothing, but remember, I’m still a virgin to this.  Well I went to my beautician and told her to just do it.  I was going to Vegas and I had to be fly…well flyer than I already am…if that’s at all possible 🙂  So I closed my eyes real tight, took a deep breath, and let her work her magic.  For the next two hours, she braided my hair, worked that new hair in with the needle (which didn’t hurt like I thought it would), took a quick food break (we was hungry y’all, don’t judge us) and then the masterpiece was completed.  At first I didn’t know if I could get used to the length, but when I looked in the mirror at those lil’ doe-like eyes that have followed me throughout all my years, I knew, I can rock this and still be me!

Due to the Vegas code of ethics, I can’t disclose what went down, but I can tell you I had so much fun with my new hair.  And the compliments were crazy.  It’s not like I don’t get mad luv from the male persuasion, but, there is something about Long hair that drives em’ wild Lol.  So I kept my new hair in for 3 months, experiemented with styles, washed it, took lots of pics and enjoyed it!  Now I understand why women wear it.  Whether it’s to give their own hair a rest, or add in to maybe thicken their thinner hair, or just to because they want to feel better..Ladies, I say get yo weave on boo!  Do you!  Make everyday, your best day and we as women know that even if we feel like crap, if we put on that cute dress and have our hair laid, the world is ours 🙂

I’ve been wearing my hair since September, and y’all, I miss my weave.  Since I’m about to start this hardcore, get it tight and right regimen, I think it’s time to get it back in!

To all my ladies, who are still apprehensive about weave…I say try it, at least once.  It will change your life Lol..okay maybe not your life, but at least open your mind to a new perspective.



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