About me

I was born and raised between Chi-town and little city called Freeport, IL (believe me, you’ve driven past there on your way further North or you have a relative that lives in Rockford, so you’ve heard of it :)….I went from city girl to country bumpkin Lol…but I don’t regret a thing…went to Iowa State and got even more country…I’m an alumnus and a proud Cyclone..learned alot about myself, different cultures and had the most intellectual conversations and craziest spades competitions in the Black cultural center (BCC)…finally made my way back to the Chi after a small stint in Des Moines, IA…and been here just living…I’m happy in my career, surrounded by good people, and continue to Trust in God…yet, there’s a part of me that feels like something is missing…that something is what I’ve been putting off for way too long…now I’m ready to take action…and I don’t want to look back…maybe my journey will lead me out of the Midwest, and I’m open to that as well…so here goes nothing!

Goapele- Closer


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