Black Man Dreams 2016

In this world of such tribulation and strife,

there seems to be no escape.

We’ve seen and experienced things that our great, great grandfathers prayed, fought and died for so we wouldn’t have to.

Our people are chosen, that’s why we endure,

yet the cost sometimes of our strength comes with a price; our lives.

Being in the wrong place, hanging with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing or even worse, just being Black.

Oh how I wish they understood the power of Black Man Dreams.


Dreams that can save a nation,

raise a child right,

uplift a community,

teach our boys how to treat girls,

our girls how to love themselves,

and make it safe to dream out loud again.


When a Black man dreams,

The world stands still,

life becomes meaningful,

ancestors look down and smile,

a mother reclaims her child.



Without Black man dreams,

Malcolm and Martin cry,

our families are torn apart,

we continue to wonder why their lives just don’t matter,

and they allow life to go on







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