Dedication to Angie

The light from the sun lifts my eyelids and massages my temples,

I know I just closed my eyes

It reminds me that it’s morning, but I’m mourning

the loss

Missing the face, the laugh, the sassiness

That can’t be replaced

She was my blood, my kin,

Yet time went fast, words unsaid, moments not


It’s morning, but I’m mourning

I’m stubborn, yet I tried

But not hard enough, right

It’s a two-way street, but it’s also a right and wrong

Way to love somebody

That somebody, who is no longer a body

But a spirit

Feeling guilt, anger, sadness

I’m strong, but even the strong get weak

How many weeks,

Months, years,

Had it been

I shudder to think

I close my eyes

I’m stubborn

Like daddy

Loving like grandpa

A fighter like Georgia

I’m a fighter

And have fought and won so many battles,

but why didn’t I


Harder, longer



Trying to forget, forgive



She talked to me at 3am,

She heard me cry and ask why

And be mad,

She laughed and said I act just like dad

She said sorry, I said sorry

Why does it have to be this way

So many things I wanted to say

She said

 tell me later, but now


it’s morning, and I’m mourning

Yes life goes on, but

Missing my big sis

I reminisce

Wasn’t supposed to be like this

She’s at peace

No more pain

More talks, I pray

Tell them I said hi

This is not goodbye

Your spirit is free

I’ll do better

I promise

Love you Angie

My sister

Now my angel