Spread Love

In this world where so many are full of hate,
they’d rather turn away from their neighbor than making just a little time to congregate.
And what about the family who doesn’t even speak,
these are the same people who used to play spades and have dinner at Big mama’s house every week.
It takes a village, that’s what the old folks used to say,
but our kids are out here fighting and shooting one another every day.
And then there are those who are supposed to serve and protect,
but instead act like they’d rather see a noose around our necks.
There was a movie that was supposed to uplift my city,
instead it danced around our affliction like a Shakespearean diddy.
However, even in the midst of all the tragedy and despair,
there are those of us who still believe in the Power of prayer.
We know that only God can send a true healing from above,
so instead of being angry, shutting out the world, turning our backs on the so called lost generation, we focus on spreading more love!!