“White Water”

This poem’s title is inspired by a very good movie I watched last weekend, entitled, “White Water.”  It stars ageless, handsome, Chi-town homie, Larenz Tate (no I don’t know him personally, but a girl can dream); it also stars the beautiful and talented, Sharon Leal.  It’s the story of a young boy in the 60’s who lived in Alabama.  Segregation was alive and real.  He and his mother sat on the back of the bus, she worked cleaning white families’ homes, and they could only drink out of the water fountain marked ‘Colored.’  One day, the adorable little boy watched a young white boy drink of the water marked for Whites only, and he was convinced that that water had to be better.  He spent the rest of the movie with one failed attempt after another trying to drink of the ‘Whites only’ fountain.  The movie had a funny twist at the end that spoke volumes to how senseless segregation truly was (my bad, should’ve said Spoiler alert in the beginning ☺).  But with everything happening in present day, Flint, Michigan, it makes me wonder, “Have the people in Flint truly been  deprived of their access to White Water?”   Here it goes…

This not an issue of black vs. white,

it’s a true issue of why are you not treating ALL people right.

What was it about the town of Flint,

that they had to suffer from the city’s budget deficit.

Why would you tamper with the water,

the most important resource that shouldn’t be bartered.

You say the children are the priority moving ahead,

but you didn’t think of them before you pumped them with lead.

Please tell me why this situation resonates like the ghost of segregation decades past,

Seeping through the cracks, rearing it’s ugly head, and causing parents and grandparents who lived through that time to gasp.

It even feels dignified by being spoken on people’s lips,

the evil step sister of equality and best friend of the racism that still exists.

I close my eyes and dream; and I see the colored fountain, straight ahead, running from the Flint river,

its moving slowly, its brown and murky; and sickness and sadness it will surely deliver.

Then I see Lake Huron’s waters, flowing freely; and bringing imperfectly fulfilling glee,

and I stand in the distance watching those who got to share and benefit from it; for they weren’t a resemblance of me.



*Let’s continue to lift up the people of Flint in prayer, and give back in the form of water, monetary donation, time, or whatever you can give*











Back like I never left

So, it’s been a while, so for those who’ve missed me, yes I’m still alive.  For those who are new, welcome.  And for those who just want to be nosy, please stay for a while, I think you’ll find that you might like what you read or even see.

Having a blog is not a hard thing, but maintaining a blog is another story.  I don’t have an excuse, as I have continued to write on Facebook, post pics on IG and peak in and tweet every now and then.  There’s no excuse why I haven’t been on my blog, so I’m not going to give one.

I’m just going to say, sorry I’ve been gone…but Hey Y’all…encourage a sista before you judge her.

Life has been good…the ups, the downs, the twists, the curves…all of it has kept me growing…and I like what I see.

I’ve had the Blessing of reconnecting with people who I truly care for and who have made such a positive impact on my life; I’ve changed jobs; I’ve embraced new surroundings; and I’m now open to whatever is meant to come my way.  No brick walls…maybe plaster, but you can break through that…I’m just saying Lol.  I admit that even in my wrong, I’m able to work on making it right.

Yeah I’m pretty proud of myself.

However, after the passing of dear friends and family members over these past 3 years, I’ve truly realized that tomorrow is not promised.  To leave without reaching my God-given potential and sharing the talents He’s Blessed me with, is truly my biggest fear.  I aim to overcome that fear by going forward and making it happen.

So, get ready to be inspired (gotta keep God in the forefront), entertained (stories on movies, books and music), probed (yeah I’m asking questions and getting nosy) and I might even add in some of my own music (hey now).  Hopefully you’ll read, comment, follow and spread the word that BrownsugaSpeaks is back like she never left!

Be Blessed and thanks in advance for your support 🙂