No Longer will I

I dedicate this to all of us who sometimes have doubts..yet those doubts become some part of our reality.  I have a daily pep talk with myself to get me back on track.  I’m not perfect, but I’m better than where I once was at.  Do I fall short? Lord knows, everyday.  I hope these words reach you, heal you and teach you.  Vow to be better, do better and feel deserve it!!

No Longer will I try to figure everything out

No longer will I question, for I am fully surrendering to God’s route

No Longer will I let negative thoughts to consume me

No Longer will I worry about others opinions of me

No Longer will I keep things bottled in

No Longer will I continue to keep my gifts within

No Longer will I speak things I know I don’t want to happen

No Longer will I allow my dreams to be abandoned

No Longer will I wonder when my day will come

No Longer will I run from what’s already been done

No Longer will I be so distant from people I care for the most

No Longer will I let the past hold me hostage and haunt me like a ghost

No Longer will my dreams fade away

For I’m not worried about my tomorrow, I’m living and giving it my all starting today!