For the Good times

For those who know me, you know I really love music. All kinds of music, from Gospel to R&B to Pop to Hip Hop to Country, but I’m truly a fan of Old school R&B and Soul. The other night I was listening to Al Green and one of his hits inspired this new post. The song itself probably has nothing to do with what I’m writing about, but hey, when inspiration hits you, ya just have to go with it! We call on God when we need Him, and thank Him for His Grace and Mercy…but do we thank Him for the good times? How many times have we just said, Thank you Lord for today being a good day at work or Thank you Lord that my rent got paid on time. How come we only celebrate when things get better, instead of celebrating what’s already good? Do we feel like it’s a given, or are we just programmed to think that God is only there to fix us and our situation?

I can recall when I stayed at my grandparents, my grandma and I would kneel to pray at night and we would pray for the family, the church, God’s anointing over our lives, the sick and shut in and ourselves (hey grandma was a talker, what can I say ). We would go to church on Sundays, and the preacher would preach about overcoming trials and tribulations. “The Lord will bring you out, without a doubt.” I would listen to songs about God being a Great friend, how to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how the love of God is like fire shut up in ya bones….just to name a few. I would see people shout about how God brought them out of their situation. They were thankful for what God had done for them to be in a better situation than they were. People came to church to seek the wisdom and healing that God’s Word promised to do for those who believe. They were grateful for All that God has done and is doing. So I saw church as a resting place, a place to come get that rejuvenation I needed to make it through life’s troubles.

In James 1:17, it states, “Every good gift and every perfect gift from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. I truly believe that God grants us gifts, because He is such a loving God, who is ever constant, never changing, and will never turn His back on us. The question for me is what would those gifts consist of? I think they are not only His willingness to make a way out of no way for His children, but the gift of life and its essentials while we are here on Earth. Those essentials are all the things that make us smile; the things that we often take for granted. Every good gift is from above, so why not shout about the good times that those gifts bring. 1Thessalonians 5:18 states, “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you.” We need to have more, ‘For the Good times’ parties…God woke me up this morning, let’s party..My car started in this 2degree weather, let’s party…The doctor just gave me a good bill of health, let’s party!

Remember, God just keeps right on Blessing us in Good times and bad times…what a joy, what a true Gift…we should thank him through it all…and we must know there Will be more good than bad times in Him!


I’m Back…for good!

Hello All! I know it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some deeps thoughts to relate to! But I’m back, for good! It’s so easy to say you’re committed to doing something better, something more, something you’ve been wanting to do, but it’s even easier to fall off. To let the events in your life cause you to have long-term writers block. I mean I can still send out words of encouragement on facebook, but this blog meant more to me than that. It was a more intimate look at me. The struggles, the victories, the good times, the sad times, the lessons, the expressing myself through poetry, the journey etc… This was MY blog and I finally put it together, paid to get it on a great site like wordpress (shameless plug Haha), and paid to keep all my work copywritten (yeah so no stealing my work, without penalty).
But what happened?! I believe I got so caught up in worrying about what people thought about me, that I stopped thinking about me. Does that make sense? Well here it is in lehman terms: when you share things with people, you have to know that there will be criticism, skepticism, and folks just hating. But when you believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what people to say. Hey, at least they’re saying something 🙂 Y’all, I let the world become bigger than my dreams. This blog is a part of that dream. Being able to write and inspire, make people laugh, show others that it is a struggle to do the right thing, but with a good heart and a love for Christ, everytime we fall, we must get up. We must not give up. If somebody doesn’t like what I write or doesn’t believe that I am who I say I am, oh well. God Bless and I’m gon keep writing. Please don’t get me wrong, NoBody stopped my flow, but me. Nobody caused me to question myself, but me. See when you’re focused on using your God-given talent, nothing else matters. Ya heard?! NOTHING AND NOBODY. Sorry for the caps, just had a passionate moment HA. I know I’m a bravebird and I was called to do this and much more.

So I’m back, by the Grace of God, to keep uplifting Him and encouraging us all to know we are all human..especially me…we make mistakes, we fall, we get back up and although this road called life may not be easy, we can and will get through it!

I’m back with more posts, more poems, and I added in a few new pages…the first one is IMO and I have an article I wrote about weave…yeah I said weave 🙂

Stay tuned, be Blessed, subscribe and tell ya friends!