Mr. Telephone Man

I know most of you who know me, know I’m always laughing and trying to make sure others laugh as well.  It’s such a healing feeling to laugh when we are going through or just need a pick me up. It also helps with the aging process…no frown lines…I’m just saying :). Well I want to share a story that I pray will bring you closer to your Faith in God, and of course will make you laugh. 

I remember as a child, I used to see my mother work so hard to provide for me and my brother.  She worked two jobs at one time, and although I saw how tired she would be when she got home, she didn’t complain.  There was never a time when I heard her ask God why she was struggling alone.  She would just tell me that she just needed to call on God and He’d give her the strength to do what she needed to do.  Then she would go in her bedroom and come back out smiling and saying that she knew God wouldn’t let us suffer long.  I used to think, “Wow, I want to talk to God too!” I couldn’t wait to get old enough to get on the phone so I could have my talk with God.

I would hear both of my grandmas say the same thing about calling on God when times got rough.  When I spent the night at either of their homes, we would get down on our knees at night and start praying.  After a while, I actually thought praying was a warm-up to the call.  Like we needed to tell God what exactly our phone call was going to be about.  Once we finished praying, I would go to bed and grandma would go to her room.  In the morning she’d come out smiling.  I was so excited for her.  She must’ve had a Good call! I told her that I couldn’t wait to get my chance to talk to God.  She hugged me and said she was proud of her ladybug.

Then I remember when my uncle’s best friend, Dwayne (who I used to call my uncle too) died. It was so sad, and although I didn’t quite understand the whole life and death situation yet, I knew this was a time when somebody needed to call on God.  We went to the funeral and everybody was crying and praying, and although I was missing Uncle Dwayne, I just kept thinking, “How are all these people going to be able to talk to God?” I just figured He must’ve had one of those phones like mama with all the phone lines on it.  She worked at Rush and I used to go there with my dad and brother to pick her up.  I would stare at the phone and wonder what one person needed with all those lines.  That’s how I pictured God’s phone was.

Music was synonymous with family time in our family, so from gospel to R&B to jazz, it was always playing.  I remember when I was eight years old, this young group named, New Edition came out with a song called, “Mr.Telephone man.” Me and my brother loved ‘Candy Girl,’ so we knew we’d like their new song.  When I first heard the song, I was so upset.  I went to my mama and asked her why were they questioning God.  I told her that in Sunday school, we learned that we are not to question God because He knows what’s best for us.  My mother looked at me like I was speaking in Spanish.  She asked me what I was talking about.  I grabbed her hand and walked her over to the tv and showed her the video.  She busted out laughing.  I was so upset that I ran to my room (not before going to my brother’s room to kick over a few of his G.I Joes first…I paid for that later).  My mother came in and lifted my little face up and asked what was wrong. Oh and why I thought I could close any doors in her house that weren’t the bathroom.  I explained to her about how I felt God was Mr. Telephone Man, and how everybody called on Him when they needed Him and He’d answer their calls.  I couldn’t believe how New Edition accused Him of not putting a call through.

That’s when my mom explained to me the Power of Prayer. She told me that there was no method to praying and that  having a conversation with God is the correct way to pray.  She said as you grow up, you may not pray on your knees all the time, but sometimes we must bow to the Father to truly humble ourselves and be ready and willing to hear His response.  She told me that if I believe in my heart that God has given me the answer and I walk in Faith, His Will will be done in my life. 

I know that after you stop laughing *pause* ok that’s enough Lol. Each of you reading this will understand that even as adults, we must take it back to the old school.  Meaning, stop with all this giving up and giving in and call on God, for only He can make it alright.  You can’t solve your problems alone.  The enemy surrounds us and attempts to break us down everyday, but through God’s Word and our own personal conversations with Him, can we muster the strength to make it past our current trials and tribulations.  Mama may not have the answer, and everybody else is going through their own stuff, so taking the time to help you is out of the question. But God is Always there to hear, to help, to fight your battles if you allow Him to do so.

Pray, Believe and the next time you listen to Mr. Telephone Man, have a laugh on me. God Bless!